Thursday, 19 December 2013

An Autumn Journey of a Working Mother

As salam and good evening. I started blogging since 2008 and was very low profile. The visitors who came to my blog did not even reach 10,000 then. In early 2009 I decided to stop so that I could focus on my study. But the urge to write has been burning inside... Now I am no longer a student, so more time can be spent to write. Yet at the same time I have other greater commitments. At home, I am a mother and trainer for my kids and at the office, I am a trainer for my juniors. Well, that is an ordinary thing to imagine being a working mother. Nothing impressive right ? I believe so.

And suddenly last week  I had this glimpse of thought...which prompted me straightaway to come up with a new blog. I asked around and eventually met +Danial Abdul Rahim whom I outsourced the task to create and design this blog. Job well done Danial...keep it up, haha. For an excellent service, money is not a problem *wink*wink*.

Oh, last week I created my google+ profile too. Still facing teething problems and am still figuring out those functions and tabs in the application. I met +Norraha Ibrahim in google+ and I admire her works...I must admit that all the pics that she posts in google+ are....amazing !! I would love to know a bit more about her but not much info available as yet (opps sorry to peep you Norraha hihihi) That railway pic is taken from her posting (with your permission Norraha ;p), and i like it because it resembles a very long, straight journey; the path ahead looks messy, the trees and bushes are somewhat eerie, but there is plenty of colours ! Our journey in life is like this railway, don't you think so ?   

Okay, nothing much for a start, it's like warming up an engine of a very old car haha. My gratitude to you for reading this and hope we will meet again soon. If you think you have the same 'journey' like mine, please have me in your circle okay ! Till then, wassalam.


  1. Tq +kamil salleh...thanks for leaving a comment here :)

  2. clean sungguh..terbaik dr Danial...semoga berjaya puan.

    1. Yastro...terima kasih byk yea,silalah beri tunjuk ajar :)